Selling Your Home? Understand Curb Appeal: 5 Considerations

You’ve decided it’s the right time to sell your home, for whatever reason, which resonates with you. Hopefully, you will interview, identify and hire the best real estate professional, for your specific circumstances and needs. This individual should understand your needs, and home, be an expert negotiator and marketer, and become a qualified resource, you feel confident, you can depend and rely upon. He should be able to provide objective insight, in order to make suggestions, which should enhance the perceived value, of your home, in the perceptions of qualified, potential buyers. If you are like most, who are selling their houses, you want this process to go as smoothly as possible, with a minimum of hassle, while seeking to obtain the highest possible price, at this point of time, and location. An essential, yet often overlooked necessity of achieving your objectives, is to address any potential issues, which might adversely impact curb appeal. This article will briefly discuss 5 considerations, which have a relationship to this concept and need, or, in other words, making the best, possible, first impression.

1. Drive – by; get potential buyers in: When a potential buyer decides to look and consider a specific home, his first impression, makes a big difference! Many buyers use a concept, I refer to as, a drive – by, which is evaluating whether they even want to go inside and take a closer look! The reality is, unless/ until you get buyers to come in, and look closer and more seriously, the house won’t sell! What might you be willing to do, to make this look, positive, rather than negative?

2. Grounds: The first thing, most potential buyers, will see, and observe, are the grounds and property. Are they attractive and welcoming, or quite the opposite? How neat and clean, might they appear? Are hedges trimmed, and do the gardens appear nice, and attractive? Is the lawn well – maintained, etc?

3. Exterior maintenance: Does the siding appear clean and attractive? Is the paint in good condition? Are concrete areas, clean and well – maintained? If there is a wood deck and/ or patio/ porch, has the wood been power – washed, and properly finished?

4. Eliminate negative distractions: When a potential buyer approaches the house, are there any negative distractions, such as over – growth of foliage, trees needing pruning, or an unkempt house?

5. Accentuate the positive: Carefully consider and evaluate, what others might consider the most positive features! Pay close attention, and, do, all you can, to accentuate the positive, and draw attention to areas, which appear welcoming and desirable!

When you decide to sell your home, seek the best possible results! If you begin by understanding the relevance of curb appeal, you begin along a quality course, for the better.

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