Does Your Real Estate Agent Use The DETAILS Of Getting Your Home Sold?

Homeowners, who have made the decision, it’s time to sell their homes, begin the process, choosing the agent, they believe, will best serve their needs, and obtain the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle/ stress. The best approach should be to proceed, in a well – considered manner, focusing on obtaining the best results, by selecting the agent, who appears, best – suited to their particular needs! Every homeowner deserves to hire a real estate agent, who pays attention, is careful, and considers the DETAILS, which will achieve the best results, and ease this often – stressful period!

1. Delve deeply; deed/ title; deliver: Opt for a professional, who doesn’t merely tell you what you want to hear, but, rather, what you need to know! He must be willing and able to delve deeply into any factors, which might impact the sale of your home! Does the individual do his research, to make certain, there are no outstanding deed and/ or title issues, which might hinder the transaction? How will he deliver on his promises?

2. Empathetic; excellence: Seek an agent, who focuses on your needs, concerns and priorities, and not merely making/ earning a commission! Your best choice is someone with a high degree of empathy, who seeks excellence, in everything he does!

3. Tactics; timely: What tactics will one use, in order to get the best possible results, in the client’s best interest? Does the agent procrastinate, when timely, decisive, professional action, is necessary?

4. Attention; articulate: There’s always lots of details, which need one’s keen attention and handling! When questions are asked, or concerns expressed, how will the answers be articulated?

5. Integrity; imagination: It’s both a legal necessity, as well as an ethical requirement, to proceed with absolute integrity! Does the person possess the necessary degree of quality, relevant imagination?

6. Listen; learn; look: Seek someone who listens more often than he speaks, learns from every experience, and looks/ examines the possibilities and alternatives!

7. Selling system; strengths: What strengths will a particular agent, offer, which will benefit the homeowner? Does he possess, and clearly, thoroughly explain, his overall, selling system, in a clear – cut, benefits – oriented manner?

Be certain your selected, real estate professional, is ready, willing and able, to effectively recognize and address the DETAILS of getting – it – done! Since for most, their house is their single, largest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to hire the best team, for you?

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