6 Steps To A Better Open House

Although, there are many components, to marketing, and selling, a house, listed on the real estate market, one, which, often makes a difference, in getting multiple views, in a quality manner, is conducting an Open House. While homeowners must recognize and realize, these events are only, one piece of the puzzle, getting the most, out of them, requires a professional approach, and attitude. The reality is, even if none of the attendees, to a specific, Open House, is the right buyer, if the house, makes a good impression, it, often, inspires and motivates, the best possible, qualified, potential, buyer, to perhaps, gain interest and attention! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 steps, to a better, more successful, satisfying, Open House.

1. Preparation: Unless the preparation is thorough, little, of positive consequence, will be achieved! Some of the components, include: thoroughly evaluating the house’s strengths and weaknesses, and emphasizing strong – points; eliminating distractions, including undesirable odors, clutter, etc; addressing curb appeal; cosmetic steps, including power – washing, touch – up painting, etc.

2. Marketing/ advertising: It is generally, a good idea, to an Open House, limited to real estate agents and brokers, etc, a few days, before the public event. Use several means, to contact local agents, including, posting on relevant websites, calling local real estate offices, etc, and, considering, offering some incentives, to get more representatives, to attend (such as, either some sort of drawing, or, food). How one markets, this Open House, and where he advertises it, often goes, far, in determining, how many, end up, viewing the specific house!

3. Sign – ins: Either, use, a paper, sign – in, or a computer program, to obtain the information, regarding, anyone, who attends, and note, any comments, made, or your personal impressions, at the time. Don’t waste the opportunity, to professionally, follow – up, with potential, qualified buyers, either for the specific house, if applicable, or another, better suited for their specific needs!

4. Greet: Just, as the house, gets only, one chance, to make a first impression, so does an agent! When an agent hosts, an Open House, he must make a favorable first – take, also, which begins, with how effectively, he greets, attendees, and pays attention to them, and answers/ addresses their questions and concerns. during their stay. The more you learn about these individuals, the better opportunity, to serve them, in the future! Be memorable, in a positive way!

5. Show: Instead of merely, being there, show attendees the house, personally, Be proactive, and involved, without being pushy! Try to discover their hot – spots, and address their specific needs!

6. Follow – up: How you follow – up, with those, who attend, goes a long way! Smart agents take advantage of quality opportunities!

It makes little sense, to get the most benefit, out of any Open House, you conduct, and oversee! Serve your clients needs, and, also, make smart business moves!

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