Momentum: A Secret Weapon to Destroy Your Fear

I had such a good time delivering my motivational message to both the Denver and Minnesota Investor Success Summits in the fall, that I wanted to write a series of articles on what was discussed. The goal of the presentation was to help motivate and inspire investors to take action and achieve success. Based on the feedback I received, that goal was accomplished. Fear is deadly to your success. Without tools to overcome fear, you will not have success or reach your goals to realize your dreams. This will be the last article in the series of articles covering ideas and strategies to help you accomplish your goals. Momentum is another tool you can use to stop fear from stopping you.

One of the coolest terms, or quotes, I can ever remember hearing is, “Just Do Something”. That one really stuck with me and has served me extremely well in my career. When I feel nervous or get stuck on something, I think about this and it helps push me forward. The idea here is to just get started on a task. You can correct and continue as long as you are moving, but it is hard to head in the right direction if you are standing still. We have discussed in the past that you will make mistakes and you will head in the wrong direction, but you will not be able to see that if you don’t start.

The problem I see investors have, is they create irrational fear by thinking about all the bad stuff that might happen, which typically is not even that bad. That type of thinking is stopping them from success. I know this sounds funny, but if you think less, you will accomplish more. Real estate attracts a lot of analytical minds. For good reason, real estate is a numbers business. The analytical mind is structured to look at everything through a magnified glass, then think about it, then look again. Although it is smart to try to stay safe and make good decisions, the process of over analyzing and over thinking prevents results. I made a ton of mistakes and lost a lot of money, but because of that, I had a lot of success too. It is better to take action quickly and make mistakes, than to think a deal to death and never make your move. Stop thinking and “Just Do Something! “

Once you start and you see results, you will find the motivation to do the “scary” tasks you might not normally do. Think of momentum as a wheel. At the top of the wheel is inspiration, which is used to get the wheel moving. The faster the wheel goes, the more momentum you will have. It all starts with getting inspired. This can come from many places, including reading articles like this or attending live real estate events. YouTube is another great place to find inspiring messages. Once you feel that inspiration, the hope is that you will use that to take some type of action. Action is the hardest step to get the wheel moving, but it is essential. You cannot stop at inspiration alone, remember… ” Just Do Something!!” Once you take action, even a few small steps, you will start to see results. Results are extremely motivating, which will lead to motivation and back to inspiration to take more action. Think about working out or getting into shape. That is a great comparison to business. It is so hard to get into your routine and to start the process, but once you do and you start to feel better and see results, it becomes addicting. You will want to eat better and work out more. Once you are in the routine, you realize it is much easier to keep the wheel moving than to get it moving.

I have had investors tell me they are not taking action because they don’t know what to do. I believe they don’t know what to do, because they are not taking action. Correct and continue. Knowing you will mess up takes the pressure of making a mistake away, so you can focus on learning from mistakes and moving forward. Once you have a little momentum and you start seeing some success, it will become addictive. This addition will help you plow through the tasks that can be a little scary, so go get your wheel moving.

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