A Checklist to Questions You Must Ask Your Property Builder

Buying a property can push you to think of thousands of questions in your mind. No doubt, every home buyer have some confusion about the location, builders and prices, while investing in a real estate market. As per the property consultants as well, each buyer needs to explore various things about the property and then the property deal must be fixed. However, there are many buyers that seem to be unsatisfied even after getting a property deal.

Important questions you must ask:

The scope of property:

If you have planned to buy a well-furnished room, do not forget to ask the scope of the prices or property value. There are many possibilities that might force you to get relocated to some other place or any other reason can be there. In such a case, you need to resell the property. Thus, it is important to understand the scope of the property, so that you can make the deal for best returns.

Similar is the case with plots, if you purchased a plot, confirm the number of floors you can build over it. Also, ask the type of land, whether it has to be used as commercial or residential. These are the vital queries, you must do with your builder.

Verification of documents:

Before making the deal, confirm that you have verified all the documents and legal procedures. If, your builder is offering you the documents to confirm the purchase, make sure that you have cross checked all the papers by your lawyer or by an authorized person. Also, ensure that your builder is providing you all the documents as per the commitment.

Availability of payment plans:

While confirming a deal, make sure that all the payment plan is exactly what they have committed. Do not hurry in making the payment even if they are ensuring you the everything without any paperwork. Explore various payment plans offered by them and then proceed with making the payment. Choose the plan for which you can actually make the payments. Also, do not sign any document for the payment without consulting your legal advisor.

Delivery time of project:

At the initial stage, builders commit the time period under which they do not able to deliver the project. Under such conditions, they either compensate or give a flexibility for making the payments. Thus, always ensure the time period and get that time period mentioned within your agreement. In some cases, the builders pay a penalty to the buyer, if they fail to deliver the project as per their commitment.

Amendments to Layout Plan:

There is possibility that the builder can make the changes within the project. These changes will definitely not going to match with the layout attached to the agreement. In such cases, you can ask for the possibilities while fixing the deal. Consulting about this issue will aid you to have a mindset about all the possible changes within your dream home.

All above mentioned are the questions that you must ask your builder before fixing a deal. This will aid you to get the best deal for which you will not regret.

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