The Keys To A Better Real Estate DEAL

When a homeowner, hires his preferred, real estate agent, his hope is, the individual will be, at least to some degree, one of the keys, to a better DEAL! This means, not merely, getting the best possible, available price, but, also, achieving it, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle, stress, and tension, possible! While there are many factors, and some, may be, more under one’s control, while others may not be, it’s important to choose, a representative, to serve and represent your needs, and get things accomplished, on your behalf, and in, your best interests! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and is an important consideration.

1. Delve deeply; discover; dollars: A professional will delve deeply, and consider the best strategy, and approach, from marketing and selling, to closing the deal! Doing so, he should discover options and alternatives, the specific niche for the specific house, and the so – called, target market! He or she, must be proactive, and extremely responsive, paying attention to the best way to get the homeowner, his desired dollars, without undue stress, and with a realistic expectations. He must size – up, potential qualified buyers, and know, how to negotiate, in your finest interests!

2. Empathy; emphasis; endurance; excellence: Choose someone, who begins, by effectively listening, and learning, what your priorities, perceptions, and expectations are, and will, with genuine empathy, discuss, how you can best work together, with finest teamwork! Understand the emphasis, and maintain the endurance, to seek genuine excellence, from start, to finish!

3. Attitude; attention; articulate; aptitude: It takes a genuine, can – do, positive attitude, to put things into perspective, and look at obstacles as challenges to overcome, instead of problems! This requires more than, merely, paying keen attention (although, that’s essential), but also to develop and maintain a well – honed, skill – set, and aptitude! Great agents clearly articulate, to their clients, prospective buyers, and other agents, in a well – considered way, which consistently maintains a negotiating advantage!

4. Listen; learn: An experienced, real estate agent, consistently learns, and uses his knowledge, experience, and judgment/ wisdom, to serve his client’s best interests! The ability to effectively listen, and respond, in a timely, well – considered, inspiring, motivating manner, goes a long – way, towards making the finest deal, available!

Great representation means making the finest DEAL! Pay attention to this asset, and find enhanced results!

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