Effectively Marketing A House: 5 Basic Steps

When the time comes, for a homeowner, to make the decision, to sell his home, it’s important to hire someone, who will be the ideal agent, to represent you, your interests, and needs, and effectively market your house, to achieve the necessary objectives. For most of us, this means, getting the best, available, possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle, and/ or stress. While this sounds obvious, it will only happen, when client and agent, openly discuss the homeowner’s needs, and priorities, and addressing concerns, while discussing, what to expect, and implementing the best approach. In order to do this, effectively, hire a real estate agent, who clearly explains his strategy, and approach, and articulates, clearly, how to market the specific house, while paying attention to the following, five basic steps.

1. Niche; nuance: Determine, the niche buyer, for the specific house, and, how to attract this audience! Which nuances, might be used, to appeal, to these potential buyers, from the onset? What makes you, believe, something about, this specific house, might appeal, specifically, to certain buyers? How will you market to them, while, still, keeping, the door open, to others, who might have an interest, also?

2. Competition; pricing: When a house, is priced, correctly, from the start, it maximizes it’s chance to sell, at the highest price, in the shortest period! To do so, a professionally prepared, Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) should be thoroughly considered, and become the pricing guide. Based on the specific market, the period of time, factors such as interest rates, numbers of similar houses on the market (the competition), etc, one must create a well – considered, pricing strategy. Would it make sense, to price it, at the top of the market, middle, or lower end? This is an essential reason, homeowners must hire the right agent!

3. Methods; media: Consider, carefully, the best combination of media promotion, which might provide, the most, bang – for – the – buck! Who are you trying to attract, and why? What marketing methods, make the most sense, for this specific property?

4. Follow – up; personalize: A potential buyer’s, first impression, often, makes the difference, between a success, and far less! Pay attention to curb appeal, staging (if indicated), and clutter/ distractions. Hire an agent, who personalizes his presentation, to his client’s best advantage!

5. Close: There’s no deal, until one closes the deal! Great agents must be superb closers, with closing ratios, which transform potential buyers, to actual ones!

How one markets a property, often, differentiates between, effectively getting it done, and lesser results! It’s important for a seller to carefully interview, individuals to represent him, before hiring the right real estate agent, for him!

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